Your Team's Greatest Asset in 2019

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At Clark Service Group, we strive to be your team’s greatest asset. Our team is always looking for ways to serve you better. Below are just some of our added value services that we offer to help you take your business to the next level in 2019!

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Personalized Proactive Maintenance Plans

Regular, scheduled maintenance of your commercial food service equipment can contribute to a long list of benefits including improved customer satisfaction, energy savings, a decrease in service calls, and an increase to your bottom line. Our team offers personalized Proactive Maintenance Plans for both hot side and cold side that are tailored to your budget, the age of your equipment, and focused on the pieces that are essential to your operation.Call our team today for a free proposal!


Professional Installation and Start-Up

Does your 2019 budget include an upgrade to your current commercial kitchen equipment? Invest in a professional installation and start-up from our team! Partnering with our team to install your new equipment will ensure safety, assure proper equipment usage, and is vital to protecting your factory warranty. Our Installation Team will uncrate, assemble, and connect your new equipment, safely working with refrigerant, gas, electric, steam, and plumbing. 

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Hands-on Training and Support for Your Team

Training your team on proper use and maintenance of your commercial kitchen equipment can help you protect your investment. Empower your team to serve your customers better by arming them with the tools they need. Our team provides personalized training solutions from our Branch Managers and Field Supervisors onsite at your location or at one of our facilities with take-away reference materials and Clark Service Group swag! 


Tailored Communication Based on Your Needs

Our team understands that each facility we work with has unique internal structures, processes, and communication needs. We strive to provide information in anticipation of your needs – via phone, email, or third-party software, depending on your preferences. If your team has a special requirement outside the scope of our usual processes, let us know! We’d love to hear about all of the ways we can help your team succeed.

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Access to Customizable Reports

At Clark Service, we utilize an internal asset tagging and tracking system for each piece of your commercial food service equipment, allowing us to keep detailed records of the time and money you’ve invested in your commercial kitchen. Our team can provide these reports to your team by request so you can make informed decisions regarding your commercial kitchen.


Recommendation to Our Network of Preferred Partners

We have been in the food service industry for over forty-eight years! Over that time, we have had the privilege of building relationships with some of the most notable, and trustworthy names in the industry. We are happy to share our knowledge and our contacts with our partners. From commercial fire protection to hood cleaning and roofing, chances are we know someone and we’re happy to make the introduction!

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Thank you for choosing Clark Service Group as your trusted partner in 2019. Reach out to our team today to learn more about the services listed above. It’s not too late to make this year your best year yet!

Katie Poole