New Year, New Branch: We've Arrived in Philadelphia


It's only the third week of January, and our team has already made significant strides in our New Year’s Resolution to serve your team better. One of the most significant additions we have made in 2018 so far is the opening of our new Philadelphia Area Branch. Although we already had several technicians serving the greater Philadelphia area, our new brick and mortar location will allow us to offer better support to those technicians with a parts warehouse, a space for customer drop-off and pick-up of small equipment ready for repair, a parts counter, and more.

Get to know the team with a behind the scenes tour and a Q & A session with Joseph Clark, our Philadelphia Area Branch Manager, and Jon Wolfgang, our Philadelphia Area Service Manager.



What is your background?

Joseph: After earning a degree at the Pennsylvania State University in Food Science, I worked in the chemical industry overseeing engineering projects and sanitation advisement for food production facilities such as dairy processing plants and breweries. I also spent summers during high school and college assisting in food service equipment installations and service work at the Clark Service Group home office in Lancaster.

Jon: I have over thirty years of experience in field service with a background in residential and industrial electricity, and an Associates Degree in Electronics Technology.

Joseph Clark, Philadelphia Area Branch Manager, and Jon Wolfgang, Philadelphia Area Service Manager, lead a Clark Service Group Philadelphia Area Branch meeting.

Joseph Clark, Philadelphia Area Branch Manager, and Jon Wolfgang, Philadelphia Area Service Manager, lead a Clark Service Group Philadelphia Area Branch meeting.

A look inside the Philadelphia Area Branch warehouse.

A look inside the Philadelphia Area Branch warehouse.

Why did Clark Service Group open a branch location in Philadelphia?

Jon: We opened this branch to better support our Philadelphia area technicians. We now have a closer stocking point for parts and supplies, a shipping and receiving location to receive parts for jobs, and more. We can also facilitate the sale of parts to current customers and other service companies in the area. 

Joseph: Overall, we want to serve our customers better. The Philadelphia branch location will allow service calls to be completed with fewer delays and will enable us to build a better relationship with our Philadelphia area customers.

What are you most excited about as this new chapter of the business unfolds?

Joseph: I am most excited about having a new shared space for the technicians in this area. It is difficult to receive, sort and manage parts without a central location. I truly believe this will make their lives much easier and pave the way for functionality within the area.

Jon: That we now have an office that we can utilize to do paperwork, etc. We are in our vans all day, every day and have to do most of our jobs from them. In Philly, we didn’t have a functional place to meet to do reviews, order parts or do research and now we have a centralized location. 


What would you like current customers to know about the branch?

Joseph: We now have the opportunity to provide improved service for your existing operations and a central point of contact; this should allow us to expand upon our current services, including our Proactive Maintenance program.

Jon: That it will hopefully cut down the time delay between receiving a part to completing the repair.

What would you like prospective customers to know about the new branch?

Joseph: The opening of our new branch has allowed us to expand our service area further into New Jersey, along with aiding in faster response times. We are here to provide the highest quality service to make sure your operations keep running smoothly. We are a family business with a strong background in the service industry; we can add value to your business. Give us a try.

Jon: It’s big. We have room to expand. If all goes as planned, we won’t have to move anytime soon. It’s close to major suppliers and convenient. 

The Philadelphia area team.

The Philadelphia area team.

Tell us about the technicians you have working at the Philadelphia branch? 

Joseph: They function as a tight-knit group, always in contact with each other to accomplish the overall team goals of service and quality. I should also mention they are quite fun to work with.

Jon: The techs are great. Including myself, we have three well-seasoned, experienced lead techs, two that have been in the field for several years, and four new hires that are coming along fast with another new hire that will start this month. By this summer, we should have ten techs covering the greater Philadelphia/New Jersey area.

What are your goals for the branch in its first year?

Joseph: Within the first year we are planning to expand our service area and our customer base. We have already hired several technicians, are still hiring and continually training.


What’s the best part about working for Clark Service Group?

Joseph: Honestly? It’s the people. I work alongside an impressive group of technicians coupled with a fantastic team at our other branches, including our corporate office in Lancaster, PA. Without this support system and the loving personalities that make it up, it would not be the same company.

Jon: They are a family-oriented company. They really take care of their employees, and it’s a fun place to work.

A snapshot from the Philadelphia area breakfast.

A snapshot from the Philadelphia area breakfast.

Final thoughts?

Joseph: Being new to the Philadelphia area and having a genuine passion for food, I am always looking for new places to eat. Feel free to send any suggestions my way! 

Jon: I’ve worked at Clark Service Group for almost 19 years, it’s the longest I’ve ever worked anywhere. I’ve never had the feeling that I didn’t want to come to work the next day. Each day is a new challenge, never routine. That keeps my job interesting and fun. A lot of people get bored with their jobs and want something new…here, just wait a day.

Stop by our new branch location at 1443 Old York Road in Warminster, PA 18974 to meet the team, tour our facilities, and grab some coffee on us. We’d love to meet you!

Katie Poole