Our New Year's Resolutions


December has finally given way to January, and as we ring in the new year, it’s time to declare our resolutions for 2018. We all know the typical New Year’s resolutions: eat healthier, lose weight, spend more time with our family, and quit smoking, the list is endless. Here at Clark Service Group, we are using our New Year’s resolution to focus on our goals and aspirations as a company for the upcoming year. So. what’s our goal for 2018 (and beyond)? To serve our customers better each day so we can help them make 2018 their best year yet! 


We asked our associates for some ways we can work toward accomplishing our goals, and we were happy to add these items to the docket for 2018.

Truly listen.

Listening is a critical component of what we do, after all, we are a service company. We listen to our customers to provide quick, practical solutions to their problems. And listening right the first time allows for even faster resolutions and fewer headaches for your team. Listening is just as essential when dealing with our suppliers, vendors, and other team members. It’s all about creating productive working relationships that not only save time on both sides but also help build trust between partnerships. 


Trust is the key component to any successful relationship, and that includes the relationships we have with our customers. We will uphold our tradition of excellent service by continuing to keep the promises we make and being honest about what we can deliver as a company. 


One of our focuses for 2018 is to be more agile and responsive to our customers' needs. Throughout the year, we will continue to focus on incremental and constant changes that allow us to serve you better, from expanding our service area to investing in our team’s education and expertise. 

Expand our expertise.

At Clark Service Group we believe that it is essential never to stop learning. We have implemented new training strategies for all of our team members to create a smoother workflow and a more seamless operation. Our field is continuously evolving from innovations in equipment design to technological advancements in communication, and we will continue to educate our team so we can adapt to these changes and utilize the improvements that become available to us. 

Live our company values.

Throughout 2018 we will keep our guiding values at the center of every decision we make. We will live, work, and play by them on a daily basis. At Clark Service Group we are working to align our values with our company culture activities, employee benefits, how we interact with our customers, and more. You can learn more about our guiding values here. 

Tell us what you think! Do you have an item we can add to our list? We’d love to hear how we can serve you better. Send us an email at info@clarkservicegroup.com.

Katie Poole