National Dog Day: Pet-Friendly Restaurants


Dogs have always held a special place in our hearts. However, now more than ever, younger generations are taking their animal love to a new level. Many millennials see their pet as more of a child figure than an actual pet. This mindset has sparked many businesses to open their doors to more than just people — pet-friendly restaurants, shops, and hotels are gaining popularity. Although accepting pets into your business can be a cause for concern (there are health codes which still need to be followed), catering to this new demographic can open your business up to a whole new menu, a broader market, and more creative events.



Dog menus are not as far-fetched as they sound, featuring options from ingredients already on hand. Rice, eggs, and chicken are all mainstream menu items which can be set aside and served plainly to pets. Vanilla ice cream with dog biscuits is often served as a popular doggie dessert. These menus allow pet owners to enjoy their night out without the stress of leaving their pet alone and hungry at home.



Allowing pets to dine alongside their owners keeps your restaurant more accessible to customers. Closing the door to pets limits your audience and can turn off pet owners even when they are out without their furry friend. BringFido is a favorite search engine and a smartphone app which helps potential customers find pet-friendly restaurants, hotels, and public activities.



Dogs can bring a new level of energy to your restaurant. People love to show off their pets through social media, especially when they’re out doing something exciting or unique. If your establishment hosts events regularly, adding dog-themed activities can help boost recognition and sales in your restaurant.

Katie Poole